Crushing FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)

A new technology pops up, right before your eyes. It’s amazing, and like some sort of cyborg guru, you dive into it. You soon know all about it and seem to embrace what you have learned as if you’re on the boardwalk with a top hat and a cane in hand. Maestro, drop a show tune or a sick beat so you can strut your stuff.

And then there are your friends who never seem to get on board with anything, being “The Debbie Downers”, “The Pessimists” & “The Sour Grapes” of the world. Friends like this or people we know in the world who run a more negative mindset towards their lives are like a stick in the spokes of their own bike ride to success. So when we speak about cryptocurrencies or anything that we are passionate about, it is very important for us to deflect these blows of negativity and let them glance off of our shield of knowledge about the world. Why should we take this stance? Not to prove that we are right or wrong, but so that we can embrace the adoption of new technology. This mindset it pivotal in maintaining positivity, making progress in life, business, relationships and everything in between. Consider some points of perspective to shape a position of consideration, opportunity and action towards crypto.

When a comment is made about a cryptocurrency, such as “It’s a bubble” or “it won’t last”, that could have been something in the past, maybe 5 or 10 years ago, but that isn’t the case in 2018. What that indicates now with the foundations built in the industry, is that those comments are only made from people who haven’t done any research. Criticism is important to qualify the integrity of things in life. If a business, a product or a service can pass an inspection of criticism, then it maintains value.

This is the same approach with crypto-currencies. Ask questions, inquire about the latest news behind crypto and research what others think about it! Then research what you have heard. Never use a single point of information, because that is a weak support, that could tear through the fabric of your decisions. The more information you have on a subject, company, ICO, coin or token, the less likely you will be to make a poor decision with your comments or investments.

One of the dangers of product sales or investing in crypto-currency is FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Often products are sold with a limited time offer with a special price. ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) employ this as well. Some tend to skip their research if they need to get in on an investment. This step should never ever be missed. The likelihood of missing an investment is much much lower than the likelihood of making a poor investment decision on a whim or under pressure.

When you weigh out some of these points of consideration and facts we can all gain some positivity here to benefit a proper mindset that works towards success! What we want to achieve with an article like this is not to say outrageous things about crypto or brainwashing anyone. What anyone should want to see is people being encouraged to do their own research, and make successful decisions themselves. Then you can give your sceptical friend a nice big hug, tell them that it’s all going to be ok”, and explain this all to them.

Everyone who works in the crypto industry now thrives off of the plethoras of information sources they can glean from. If you are able to set up a regular flow of information that comes to you effortlessly, you can make it easy to absorb the data you need for crypto investing, and push aside what you do not need. When considering information such as this, we always repeat and suggest the same advice to our readers. Continue with a regime of personal education! When a friend or acquaintance throws a wall of complaints up against crypto, don’t be afraid to discuss it and backup some positivity with facts. Get involved in your community as a crypto enthusiast, share tips with your connections and you will be sure to thrive in this expanding industry.

By Ross Macdonald – CryptoCulture Magazine Inc. 2018


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