Blockchain Business & Crypto Convention – Calgary, Alberta

January 3rd & 4th 2019

Western Canada has asked the questions, what is cryptocurrency, blockchain and bitcoin? Why does it apply to me?

We are a niche event company determined to answer these questions in a fun, educational and professional way. We are a driven group of experts & professionals with experience in media, crypto mining, cryptocurrency trading, coaching and event planning. We have taken on the task of bringing the potential of the Crypto and Blockchain Community to the masses, leading the way into the future of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain business in Western Canada.

Come celebrate the 10th Anniversary of bitcoin!

Our mission is to unite the Crypto and Blockchain communities of Western Canada so we can better educate the public in a fun and professional way on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies. We aim to provide our Vendors and Sponsors with a unique and interactive way to engage the public and new clients, as well as build relationships with fellow businesses in the Crypto and Blockchain space.

As a team of believers in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency technology we not only think that this technology is exciting and revolutionary, we know it is! We want to translate the passion and limitless potential of these technologies from those immersed in these fields to the general public. Opening people’s eyes to the exciting things Cryptocurrency and Blockchain can do for them adds fuel to the fire of any company wanting to make waves in this emerging and revolutionary market.

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