Which person are you? You’ve wondered about how Bitcoin works, you currently own bitcoin, or you are well beyond that. Regardless of where you are on the subject, the big question is, “How can I use Bitcoin today?”

The answer is quite simple and empowering! Many businesses are now accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payments for their products and services. The fact is that it is simple, anyone can do it, and businesses can receive Bitcoin or BTC in their local currency. There’s no hard work, calculated timing of exchange or any need to worry about using this system of payment. With a small amount of learning, setting up an online account or digital wallet, anyone can enter the world of cryptocurrencies. You don’t need permission from anyone to do this, including banks. You simply have to make the choice to begin. How about that!

The real questions beyond this initial effort, is “Do I want to hold onto my Bitcoin, cash out later for a profit, invest into other cryptocurrencies, or do other things with my Bitcoin?”. That answer can be found by doing some research. Get educated so that you can accept BTC to enable all of your potential customers to pay for your products or services. Do this with bitcoininvestments.ca. We will educate you and make it so easy to get into Bitcoin. It’s a great experience that gives options to your friends and customers which is fantastic.

Expanding Industries and Uses

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies (or crypto for short) are being adopted by everyone in all aspects of life. The blockchain technology that backs crypto is what makes it safe and secure. The blockchain (an encrypted chain of continual data) copied thousand of times onto different computer servers around the world. Th

Here are some exciting industries and how they will be implementing this world changing technology:

Bitcoin Purchases – Bitcoin Investments Inc. Grand central station in Calgary, AB for crypto purchases, education, Business merchant setups and more. (bitcoininvestments.ca)

Oil & Gas Funding – Blockchain contracts legally tied to land royalties of Oil & Gas production. (oleum.io)

Digital Exchanges – Calgary, AB has its first place to exchange crypto. (NDAX.io)

Proof of Identity – Registered and Untampered documents, existence, rights, permissions and privacy.

Proof of Performance – Smart contracts (removes the need for lawyers, and pays out on performance goals reached. Ethereum Cryptocurrency Based.)

Proof of Ownership – Authors, Origins, transfers, Intellectual Property (Bernstein.io)

Vehicle Data – VIN numbers, maintenance records, odometer readings, list of accidents. (vinchain.io)

Logistics Data– Scannable RFID tags listing a packages location history. (waltonchain.org)

Medical Data – Origins of products, expiration dates, worldwide medical records access. (med-chain.co)

Food – Country of origin, expiry dates, food temperature records during transport (ambrosus.com)

Ledger /Registries – Record keeping, certifying, tracking, auditing, and notarizing. (notarius.com)

This short list is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the world of cryptocurrency. Get educated, and take some steps to be involved in this revolution. Enjoy the culture, relationships and family sense that we embrace in the crypto community. You can accept Bitcoin, spend it, hold it and more. Calgary, Alberta is the epicentre of some amazing groups and projects with crypto. Please contact our affiliate company for more information and we would be absolutely thrilled to show you the information that you need. It’s easy, we have free information and provide all of the tools you need to enter the world of Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Investments. 403-910-1141 bitcoininvestments.ca

Written by Ross Macdonald – 2018 CryptoCulture Magazine


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