A meteor of change is careening towards an industry that is highly sought after in the world. The crypto-currency world is as many industries, dominated by one demographic in particular. Men, males, boys, and plethora’s of guys dominate tech industries including crypto, but the budding growth of opportunity has opened a door here for women in what seems like a new season in culture. 

What we are realizing in the modern space in this industry is, that the need for women in the workspace is more prevalent than ever. If you disagree with that statement, it’s likely that you are an aged old dinosaur, personality type A, Alpha male, that thinks you can do it all. What the rest of us are realizing and embracing is that balancing the workforce with intelligent women brings many important aspects to the workspace. It’s difficult to quantify what how women change a workspace or a dynamic within an industry, but what you can quantify is that a bowl of rice tends to be bland on its own. You need spices, flavour, and a little passion in a dish to have something a lot more interesting. From person to person, we all have different skills, but when you break up a sausage party and bring in a completely different mindset, it’s refreshing. Let’s admit it, men and technology tend to dry out a room the same way a devastating dust storm can ruin a picnic. Why would you want to exist in that sort of harsh environment till the end of time? Well you don’t have to. Change is here. Look at it. If you don’t, then start planning your retirement, because you’ve become an old dog that won’t be able to keep up with the modern wheels of society.

Where are examples of this change? Everywhere. All across Canada, we can find groups of empowered women who inspire one another and everyone around them. One startup in Victoria, BC that I have interviewed shared with myself that they ensured that 50% of their company were men and women. It created the balance they needed for success. This wasn’t a calculated minority hiring in the tech industry. It was not a case of making their company look good on their hiring standards. It was a necessity based on their business model and their mission as a company.

With perception and standards such as this, the sky is the limit, and the direction available in careers for women to go in is 360 degrees. Are you a woman that loves the feeling of being bold, inspired and proud of what you do? Or maybe that is what you want to feel. Women who join tech industries may end up becoming anything from crypto programmers, social media managers, editors, CEO’s, CFO’s, and the list goes on and on. It’s inspiring for anyone to think about the fact that this type of thinking hasn’t typically existed in the past. Years ago, people, in general, didn’t care about who took on the important roles in the world, but that is exactly why the old culture of the world oppressed women along with other races and cultures.

Take a moment and stop. Think about how you affect the workspace at your job. Is it primarily men or women or both who work there? Yes, there are advantages to hiring different skills from different people, but it may benefit your company to have a balance in this regard. A programmer recently said to me “The biggest problem with programming is the male ego. They are always trying to fix things and flex their mental muscle. Women are more focused on tasks and performance than worrying about things that are not their responsibilities.” That is one of many examples of industry where women are stepping up to the plate and impressing the world on all aspects.

What is growing into the workforce of the world now is a flourishing balance of men and women collaborating on projects together seeing new highs of creativity, productivity and with a type of synergy that has been missing in decades past.

I personally have seen for years, a large workforce which in a creative mindset, has gone slightly stale. Men standing around telling each other that things are great, and we are great, and our ideas are great really holds little value. Try taking an idea, or something you have worked on, and pass it to any other group that isn’t filled with strictly white males, and you will get a fresh perspective on that idea which will filter it down further towards success. The same can even occur if you open the doors to other demographics as well. Open your mind to the roadway of positive, productive work with many types of people in the world utilizing many perspectives. A diverse group in any part of the planet will always see many more angles in a situation compared to a group with no diversity.

With these ideas in mind, where can women today go to explore new ventures for example in the Blockchain & cryptocurrency industry? I suggest that we all welcome women to attend cryptocurrency and blockchain events all around us, as we would any person. If you check for local events, you will see many events all across the planet. These are the places that women should start networking. Everyone can obtain certifications with organizations such as cryptoconsortium.org and open a road of education to empower themselves. There is so much to learn in expanding industries, which means that there are endless amounts of opportunity to work in these exciting new positions available, and being created by entrepreneurs. 

In Calgary, Alberta, we have a convention on October 15th & 16th for blockchain / crypto industry professionals. Check out www.cryptoconventions.ca. The event will be a space to incubate opportunity and new ideas for everyone.

When you consider this changing landscape around us between work, relationships and opportunity, you will have to decide if you are going to be someone that pops up as an old dinosaur with an ancient perspective towards women and minorities or someone who supports this exciting dynamic in the world. Remember what happened to dinosaurs, but aim to have your support to our mothers, wives, and daughters in a way that paves the roads for them that will benefit us all.


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